About POCUS 101

POCUS 101 is dedicated to helping users like you, from any specialty, learn Point of Care Ultrasound in the EASIEST way possible.

Our Mission at POCUS 101 is simple: to create User-Centered Content that allows YOU to start using Point of Care Ultrasound right away!

As creators of POCUS 101, we are fellowship-trained in Point of Care Ultrasound and have taught thousands of students from all backgrounds including medical students, nurses, and physicians from all specialties.

After teaching so many types of learners we started seeing common themes on the best ways to teach Point of Care Ultrasound and would like to share them with you at POCUS 101.

If you have something to share consider writing a Guest Post on POCUS 101!

POCUS 101 Founder/Editor
  • Professor of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care
  • Ultrasound Director and Fellowship Director at an Academic Hospital
  • Fellowship Trained in Point of Care Ultrasound, Critical Care Medicine, and Transesophageal Echocardiography – Advanced PTEeXAM (NBE Diplomate).
  • RDMS and RDCS Certified in Abdominal, OB/Gyn, and Echocardiography through ARDMS and APCA.
  • Over 20 POCUS Publications and Editor of an Ultrasound Textbook.
  • Thousands of Hours of Point of Care Ultrasound Hands-on Teaching Experience at National, Regional, and Local Conferences.

Have a question? Feel free to contact me: Editor@Pocus101.com

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Thank you so much for the initiative!

McKenzie Hollon

Hi! I am a cardiac anesthesiologist and echo/POCUS enthusiast at Emory, where I do and teach POCUS and echo everyday. I just want to say your site looks great, thanks for creating this top notch content!

McKenzie Hollon

Yes! I know E! He trained me during my fellowship and I also count him as a friend! Brilliant guy 🙂

Eric Friedland MD

unbelievable resource. You truly are a gifted person. I am a 25 year ER doctor an have used US but very limited and Do you have a recommendation for personal starter Ultrasound machine? Used or new? I don’t see anything on your website. Some ER’s do not have ultrasound machines that are available.

Eric Friedland MD

I found a sonosite 180 with 4 probes, military style carrying case for $2500 on ebay and shipped it to the port agent in Port Canaveral. I am currently working as a Cruise ship doctor and diagnostic on the high seas is a must. We have xray, ekg and I stat and urine dips. This is just not enough. This is a job that forces you to look at about everything with an Ultrasound. You start off with the easy stuff like GB and kidneys and before you know it I am looking for descending aorta with a posterior lateral… Read more »

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