Best Point of Care Ultrasound Books and Free eBook

Best Point of Care Ultrasound Books and Free eBooks

Finding good Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) references is difficult. I’ll make it Easy for you and help save you some time! These are the best Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) book resources we have found to recommend to you.

I’ve looked everywhere and tried to create the most extensive POCUS book review list for you here and hope you find it useful. I sorted the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) books by the ones I Highly Recommend and the ones that you should Consider.

Also for each Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) sonography book, I included the author, year, number of pages, and my personal mini review.

Lastly, At the bottom I complied a list of FREE Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) books, eBooks, and PDFs that you can Download for FREE!

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THE BEST Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Books!

Learning Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) should be done on many levels. Hands-on scanning and lectures are important but to solidify your understanding of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) concepts, using case-based questions and answers is definitely the way to go.

Dr. Alan Chiem, MD (Ultrasound Director at UCLA Olive View) and Myself (Vi Dinh, MD: POCUS 101 Editor and Ultrasound Director at Loma Linda University Health) got together with Oxford University Press to create the first case-based question and answer POCUS board review book: The Emergency Medicine and Clinical Ultrasound Board Review Book. (20% off discount code: POCUS20). This is our number ONE recommended Point of Care Ultrasound book learning resource.

Normally this book is $129.95 but we were able to secure an exclusive 20% discount for POCUS 101 readers! Just go to Oxford University Press and make sure to input the code: POCUS20

To get the Book on Amazon, you can click HERE as well.

We were able to enlist the top Point of Care Ultrasound Experts in the World to help us out! With over 70 contributing authors from over 20 renowned POCUS institutions, we believe this is the best Point of Care Ultrasound review book out there.

Who is this Book for?

  • Physicians in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, etc.
  • Trainees (students and residents) who want advanced POCUS training
  • Seasoned Physicians Wanting to Expand their POCUS knowledge
  • Physicians Studying for the Critical Care Echo Boards through the NBE
  • Ultrasound Fellows
  • POCUS scholars who want to find the “first-ever” or landmark articles for any POCUS topic

What’s in the Book?

  • 528 pages
  • 18 chapters covering ultrasound topics such as physics, eFAST, echocardiography, thoracic, aorta, hepatobiliary, renal, pregnancy, soft tissue, ocular, procedural, airway, ENT, DVT, testicular, abdominal, and musculoskeletal applications
  • Over 800 figures, tables, and online videos
  • Over 1000 POCUS landmark journal references
  • Over 500 multiple choice questions written in a case-based format that emulates the ABEM/NBE exams

Check out the Book for FREE!

Want Sample questions? I created a Post that gives you FREE access to 16 question sample of actual questions and images from the book! Just click HERE to see the FREE 16 Sample Questions. 

Author Nilam Soni, Robert Arntfield, Pierre Kory
Details Published: 2019; Pages: 546
Review Great book for the people just starting out with POCUS and a good reference for more experienced users as well. Free point of care ultrasound book (online version) with hard copy.
Author Jason Bowman, Jason Boitnott, Braden Miesemer
Details Published: 2017; Pages: 82
Review This is a great little POCUS handbook you can carry to your shift. Packed with just the useful information and measurements you need for reference. No Fluff.​
Author O. John Ma, James Mateer, Robert Reardon, Scott Joing
Details Published: 2013; Pages: 720
Review This was my very first POCUS book. One of the very best POCUS reference books out there written by POCUS Experts.
Author Vicki Noble, Bret Nelson
Details Published: 2011; Pages: 356
Review One of the original POCUS books authored by Vicki Noble and Bret Nelson. It's a classic but still one of the best!
Author Srikar Adhikari, Michael Blaivas
Details Published: 2019; Pages: 300
Review Love ultrasound guided procedures? This book has it ALL: nerve blocks, pacemakers, joint aspirations, PIV, central lines, and more! Edited by two giants in POCUS, Srikar Adhikari and Michael Blaivas. Definitely should have on your POCUS Bookshelf!
Author Allan Klein
Details Published: 2017; Pages: 576
Review If you are thinking about taking the National Board of Echocardiography ASCeXAM test, this review book/question bank is an absolute must!
Author Jon Jacobson
Details Published: 2017; Pages: 472
Review Hands down, the best MSK Point of Care Ultrasound book out there that I've seen. Very practical with lots of anatomical figures. Free point of care ultrasound book (online version) with hard copy.
Author Sidney Edelman
Details Published: 2012; Pages: 567
Review The hardest part about ultrasound can be learning the physics. This is the BIBLE of ultrasound physics! NO ONE explains physics better than Edelman. This ultrasound physics book is a must for any serious ultrasound enthusiast.

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Books to Consider

Author Sarb Clare and Chris Duncan
Details Published: 2022; Pages: 256
Review Excellent book for generalist trying to implement POCUS into their practice! Topics range from ultrasound basics, echo, lung ultrasound, MSK ultrasound, COVID-19, to palliative and end of life care.
Author Luke Flower and Pradeep Madhivathanan
Details Published: 2022
Review Great book for beginners and advanced practitioners of critical care ultrasound. Great illustrations and case examples!
Author Cameron Baston, Christy Moore, Elizabeth Krebs, Anthony Dean, Nova Panebianco
Details Published: 2019; Pages: 83
Review Nice little POCUS guide that has color images and comes with a ring binder. However it is kind of pricey for $75 for just 83 pages. Of note it is too large (7 x 10 inches) to actually fit in a normal white coat. I tried, didn't work.
Author Larry Istrail
Details Published: 2021; Pages: 208
Review Great introduction to the history of the physical exam and how POCUS bridges the gap between the traditional physical exam and new technology!
Author Marcus Peck, Peter MacNaughton
Details Published: 2019; Pages: 304
Review Great Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) book on critical care ultrasound with lots of hemodynamics and color images!
Author John McCafferty, James M Forsyth
Details Published: 2020; Pages: 170
Review Small quick POCUS guide book. Should fit in your pocket. Doesn't really go over many advanced applications. Great for beginners.
Author Vivek Tayal, Michael Blaivas, Troy R Foster
Details Published: 2018; Pages: 627
Review Thinking about starting up a POCUS program? Theres a lot of things you need to do. Let the godfathers of of POCUS (Tayal and Blaivas) guide you to setting up a program, billing, and credentialing.
Author Alexander Levitov, Paul Mayo, Anthony Slonim
Details Published: 2014; Pages: 368
Review If you are interested in critical care ultrasound and hemodynamics consider this book. Authored by renowned critical care ultrasound experts: Alexander Levitov and Paul Mayo.
Author James Connolly, Anthony Dean, Beatrice Hoffmann
Details Published: 2017; Pages: 488
Review Decent POCUS book resource, written by lots of POCUS expert authors. However it doesn't have much color and many of the images seem outdated.
Author James M. Daniels, Richard A. Hoppmann
Details Published: 2016; Pages: 201
Review This concise POCUS book goes over a range of applications from abdominal, dermatologic, to obstetric ultrasound. Gives general overview of these applications.

FREE Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) eBooks and PDFs

I compiled a list of some Free Point of Care Ultrasound Books, eBooks, PDFs, and FOAMed for you. Check them out below!

Author Resa Lewiss, Robert Strony, Robert Jones
Details Published: 2018; Pages: 174
Review The Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound iBook is a free resource for point-of-care users caring for patients in emergency and critical care environments.
Author Resa Lewiss, Robert Strony, Robert Jones
Details Published: 2018; Pages: 221
Review This is Volume 2. The Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound iBook is a free resource for point-of-care users caring for patients in emergency and critical care environments.
Author Matthew Dawson, Mike Mallin
Details Published: 2013; Pages: 283
Review Great free Point of Care Ultrasound eBook that goes over basic POCUS applications. It has lots of links to video images as well and has an all-star author cast.
Author Mike Mallin, Matthew Dawson
Details Published: 2013; Pages: 364
Review This is Volume 2. Great free Point of Care Ultrasound eBook that goes over basic POCUS applications. It has lots of links to video images as well and has an all-star author cast.​
Author Sachita Shah, Daniel Price, Gene Bukhman, Sachin Shah, Emily Wroe
Details Published: 2011; Pages: 418
Review This is a great free Point of Care Ultrasound book PDF for anyone working in rural and resource limited areas. Co-authors include well known POCUS experts.
Author Robert Jones, Jessica Goldstein
Details Published: 2016; Pages: 115
Review An essential resource for the initial evaluation of the acutely ill or injured obstetrical patient. Whether the patient is in the first, second, or third trimester, this ACEP book covers the critical obstetrical conditions you need to be able to diagnose with point-of-care ultrasound.
Author Alfred Abuhamad, Rabih Chaoui, Phillipe Jeanty, Dario Paladini,
Details Published: 2014; Pages: 322
Review This is a great free Point of Care Ultrasound book PDF for anyone interested in OB/Gyn ultrasound applications! Has excellent videos and color images. Can't believe this is free!
Author Keith Killu, Scott Dulchavsky, Victor Coba
Details Published: 2015; Pages: 272
Review The Free ICU Ultrasound pocket eBook is a concise and targeted reference source to enable the novice or advanced emergency or ICU clinician to incorporate point of care ultrasound into their practice.
Author Robert Jones, Michael Stone
Details Published: 2013; Available as Ipad App Download
Review Written and produced by nationally known emergency medicine educators and sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Seven chapters, more than 40 full-motion videos, and more than 50 diagnostic images, photographs, and illustrations.
Author Cesar David Caceres
Details Published: 2013; Pages: 56
Review This free ultrasound ebook introduces the clinician in training to the ultrasound machine and its uses for diagnostic purposes in the critical care setting. It addition, it helps students familiarize with the ultrasound machine knobs, probes and the RUSH protocol.
Author Amer Johri
Details Published: 2014; Pages: 47
Review This series of interactive cardiac ultrasound cases will demonstrate how this tool can be incorporated into the physical exam and how it can help with earlier diagnosis and management of certain cardiac conditions.
Author Arun Nagdev
Details Published: 2019; Pages: 27
Review This simplified pictorial guide to ultrasound-guided procedures comes from years of learning how to safely practice medicine at a county residency training center in Oakland, California. The goal is to make the individual “chapters” short and simple, so that residents and faculty are successful in the procedure. The chapters are not exhaustive, and meant to be used when working in the clinical department.
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