Bladder Volume Ultrasound Calculator

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It shows you how to assess the bladder properly using ultrasound in a step by step fashion.

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Bladder Volume Ultrasound Calculator:

A simple formula to remember and use is Width x Depth x Height x 0.7. However, if you want more accurate bladder volume estimates use the bladder volume calculator we made that takes into account different bladder shapes. This calculator will help you accurately detect your patient’s Bladder Volume Calculation using ultrasound (Bih et al).

Bladder Volume Ultrasound Calculation Illustration
Bladder Volume Calculator

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Depending on the shape of the bladder different equations can be used. The one we recommend to use is the "Unknown" shape" value since that is the most commonly used equation. However, if your patient clearly falls into one of the described bladder shapes, use the appropriate calculation below:

Triangular Prism

Bladder Volume Triangular Prism

Cylinder (Ellipsoid)

Bladder Volume Cylinder Ellipsoid


Bladder Volume Cuboid


Bladder Volume Sphere

The formula used to calculate bladder volume is Width x Depth x Height x Correction Coefficient. The table below shows you the correction coefficient for each of the bladder shapes.

Bladder ShapeCorrection Coefficient
Unknown0.72 (most commonly used)
Triangular prism0.66
Cylinder (Ellipsoid)0.81
Bladder Ultrasound Correction Coefficients

Bih, L., Ho, C., Tsai, S., Lai, Y., Chow, W. (1998). Bladder shape impact on the accuracy of ultrasonic estimation of bladder volume Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 79(12), 1553-1556.

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